from by Jed and Lucia



End with an apostrophe
I know, I know
Cause there's no other way to be

I before e and then after c
I know, I know
Something that's so far away from me

Hey we don't have no way to begin
When our souls at an end
And the walls rising high
Sending letters on the phone
Ain't no way cause the soul
Isn't there like it is on the page

Fate is saving a place for me
I know, I know
And for some of you others too

Any old spot it will do for me
I know, I know
Ain't no special requests I've made

Bam ba bam

And that's the way
All things grow and decay
Or freeze themselves for a day that will never come

And that's the wave
That resounds through our day
And holds us tight to the ground

And we are all a slave to an uncertainty that can never resolve until all thoughts they cease and we're left with the food on our plate


from Superhuman Heart, released October 19, 2010


all rights reserved



Jed and Lucia Berkeley

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