Superhuman Heart

by Jed and Lucia

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Coming off a weekend full of taxing obligations, we needed and found the perfect place to rest our minds for more than just a little while. To begin this week, we are fortunate enough to have new material from a pair of musicians who have been featured here many times in the past. Jed & Lucia are the Berkeley, California based duo of Mark Reveley and Emma Lucia who were first adored here in August 2006 with a debut EP titled Candles In Daylight. Since that time, we've mentioned their experimental electronic side project Kite In The Air with reviews in both April and November of 2009 followed by a return to the original loveliness of Jed & Lucia with another offering titled Many Many EP in January 2010. All history aside, there is now a welcome update to report for this ongoing collaboration. The band has completed a collection of thirteen new tracks, titled Superhuman Heart, which are set to be released next month through fabled San Francisco label/rare music purveyor Ubiquity Records. In advance of this new LP, the first single, Apostrophe, has now been made available and will give an immediate idea of what to expect from the album. Warm southwestern winds and sand under foot, or a brisk midwestern fall with leaves whipping up against windows...all you have to do is close your eyes for listening. Beautiful.

Warm Cali folk and acoustic pop songcraft blended quite harmoniously with subtle electonics from Jed & Lucia – the duo's debut for Ubiquity! We wouldn't blame you of experience a bit of a chill at the thought of "folktronica" – but Jed & Lucia get it right – first and foremost, with good songs and melodies that sink right in. Their songs suggest a love of 60s & early 70s Cali folk rock & pop (a full range of Cali love, from the So Cal to the Bay) – with breezy, delicately spacey washes of electronic embellishments. Titles include "April Showers", "The Park", "You Were Made Of Stone", "Coin Falls On Pavement", "On Lockdown", "A Second Later", "Hand Out", "California", "Vapors", "Superhuman Heart" and more.

The duo of Mark Reveley and Emma Lucia make music under the name Jed and Lucia and together they cook up a heavily sedated, laid-back-to-the-point-of-paralysis mixture of beardy folk guitars and vocal harmonies, with drifting electronic textures and dinky drum machines that straddles the fine line between indie folk introspection and bedroom electronic experiments. Superhuman Heart is their second album, and it’s a bit of an under-the-radar gem. Definitely not the kind of record to grab you by the collar and demand your attention, it’s more of a creeper that slowly insinuates itself into your head as it plays on. The duo wrap their fragile voices around slight but effective melodies and bathe them in waves of electronic hum and echoes that surround you with a feeling of warmth. The tempo of the songs never goes above a shuffle and the volume is determinedly low; they create a perfectly comfortable mood from the beginning and never deviate. While that can lead to a monotonous listen in the wrong hands, Reveley and Lucia take pains to add so many layers to the songs, you can’t help but be drawn in. The quiet mystery of the vocals also draws you in closely; Lucia especially has the kind of voice that sounds perfect weaving its way through a dream hop soundscape or emoting tenderly on a folky ballad (like the sweetly insistent "On Lockdown"). There are also a couple of songs that shift the relaxed mood just enough to add some intensity and drama to the album, especially the surging, cinematic “Circle of Stone” and the almost danceable “The Park.” Like a low-key version of Koushik or a calm Caribou, Jed and Lucia create magic out of elements that really have no right being melded together. If you’re lucky enough to hear it, Superhuman Heart will be the perfect soundtrack to your lazy autumn days and peaceful-anytime nights.


released October 19, 2010

Ubiquity Records


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Track Name: April Showers
Warping sky and rippled waves above
Rocks of clay surrender had enough
Sit and watch the grasses gather round
Bending towards us hear them whistle now
Bending over till they hit the ground

April showers they bring august flames
Send you searching for the water main
Looking forward to feel no pain

A hot dry wind it seems is on its way
Gathered dust and dirt for 40 days
I felt the breezes start up yesterday

April showers they bring august flames
Send you searching for the water main
Looking forward to feel no pain

I don't believe that there are shooting stars
I don't believe something could fly so far
Cause if it did i know it'd light a spark

April showers they bring august flames
Send you searching for the water main
Looking forward to feel no pain
Track Name: Apostrophe
End with an apostrophe
I know, I know
Cause there's no other way to be

I before e and then after c
I know, I know
Something that's so far away from me

Hey we don't have no way to begin
When our souls at an end
And the walls rising high
Sending letters on the phone
Ain't no way cause the soul
Isn't there like it is on the page

Fate is saving a place for me
I know, I know
And for some of you others too

Any old spot it will do for me
I know, I know
Ain't no special requests I've made

Bam ba bam

And that's the way
All things grow and decay
Or freeze themselves for a day that will never come

And that's the wave
That resounds through our day
And holds us tight to the ground

And we are all a slave to an uncertainty that can never resolve until all thoughts they cease and we're left with the food on our plate
Track Name: You Were Made of Stone
Had a dream you were made of stone
Never waited for tomorrow
It's a secret you don't know, you never tried
Hoping now, you dream in disguise
Push from a distance
You found those on your side

Your eyes have lost their color, I know
But it's not really so
Look closer and find behind there's a glass door
It's always been there, waiting, wanting to show
With one wish you don't resist
And there's much more

Had a dream you were made of stone
Never caring for tomorrow
You stood there and let go, you never tried
Fading now, lost in what's behind
Watch from a distance
You found those on your side

Had a dream you were made of stone
Track Name: On Lockdown
One window
One lookout
In a house made up of sticks
Blow you down
With one breath
And there's only ashes left

Keeping you there
Keeping you locked down
On lock down

One tower
One dreamer
In a room made up of bricks
One who walks
One who stays
In a house made up of things

Keeping you there
Keeping you locked down
On lock down
Track Name: Superhuman Heart
I try to forgive
I try to forget
Tell love from lies
Why you keep me here

I try to accept
And expect much less
Ice will break
Just time to wait

Superhuman Heart
Knew right from the start
It's unbreakable
It's unbearable

I try to receive
You try to believe
Fear to fall
It won't last too long

I try to move on
I try to be strong
Snow will go
Something new will grow

Superhuman Heart
Knew right from the start
It's unbreakable
It's unbearable