Many Many

by Jed and Lucia

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We were on the radio with Andrew Jervis and Cez on KUSF 90.3 on 1/29, you can check it out at
and the video at -

Plenty of previous dates/links to report with today's featured duo... so let's get started. Our original review of Chatsworth, California-based musicians Jed & Lucia happened well over three years ago, in August 2006, with mention of a debut EP titled Candles In Daylight. Since that time, contact was almost completely lost until we recently began providing occasional updates for their experimental side-project Kite In The Air in April 2009 and November 2009. As an unexpected treat, we can now present the brand new release Many Many EP which consists of five hauntingly beautiful songs to serve as a lovely reminder of how easily our casual gaze through an office window can end up lasting for hours. From the opening guitars and playful electronic accompaniment of the lead track Many Many to a quiet descent in Rigidity, Jed & Lucia leaves us with one of our first favourite listens of 2010.

It's been four long and strenuous years for the duo of Jed & Lucia, whose debut album/EP Candles In Daylight was praised forwards and backwards for the mixture of apocalyptic and sullen thematic realms and the stunningly haunting complement that each of the pair's voices makes for one another. But this month, the pair are releasing another EP, Many Many, a five-track and not-even twenty-minute-long affair that finds them still watching as the fields around them burn, but they're not contently fiddling as Nero would be found to be doing--they're merely enjoying each other's company as whatever will come to (or for) them is most certainly on its way. It's sparse and beautiful, moving but sedate and it sits low and slow in your being for as long as you'll allow it to do so. Which, for us, is quite a while. Also, FYI, both members of J&L (Jed and Emma) had been making music to a degree or two throughout the break, only much of it turned out to be under the moniker of Kite In The Air, also a stellar project.

As a disclaimer, I realize that Jed and Lucia may not fall into the traditional “indie folk genre,” but their music definitely possesses some characteristics that keep this post from being too far-fetched. Now with that said, the reason that I am writing about them is because I believe that they are worth paying attention too and keeping an eye on. They’re straight out of Berkeley and have only released one album (Candles in Daylight) prior to the new EP release. I first listened to them only a few days ago but i can’t help but listen to “Many Many” over and over again after reading about them on My Old Kentucky Blog. It’s a beautiful song, fusing electronic wisps, delicate guitar strumming, and soothing vocals.


released January 25, 2010

Additional vocals by Christine Lunde
Art by Tobias Greene


all rights reserved



Jed and Lucia Berkeley

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Track Name: Many Many
Many many talk and they talk
They say they're going where the sun shines
The sun shines
All the time

Many songs sing of the way
You get to going where the bright lights
Shine all night
No starlight

Me I travelled down from the grape
Vine past Maricopa onto 5
A great plain
Of far site

Well we travelled on through the night
We say we're going where the sun cries
To be heard
But no sound
Track Name: Spaceman
Fill a room
Till there's no space to move
Your dreams grow
You float above friends below

Who you are
Is nothing
You asked for
You don't mean harm
You don't even try hard

Oh you're a spaceman
Oh let you go
Let you soar

Ready now
You don't need to look down
And always
We'll look up and see your face

So take off
My eyes they tear and watch
A beauty
Your dream to reality
Track Name: A Thousand People
A thousand people rode up yesterday
They came to make their way

A thousand more will come after they say
But I'll be gone

I'll head over to where the deserts say
Don't linger long this way

Just passing through under my breath I'll say
And I'll be gone
Track Name: A Dream Pushed Aside
A storm rolls in
Keep us safe
Over time the pressure grows

The lines erase
A former life
Like a dream pushed aside

Soon we'll forget
What's behind
Growing distant all the time

And we'll still try
Never lost
Till a dream is pushed aside

A storm rolls in
Keep us safe
Over time the pressure grows

The lines erase
A former life
Like a dream pushed aside
Track Name: Rigidity
Saviors save themselves for those to whom they pray
Pilgrims whisper saviors don't ever let me down again

But they're far away
Banished from dreaming
Then called out again

You better have no rigidity
You better have no resistance
You better forego security
You better destroy insistence
And for this live on while all those around you falter

They'll say they have their rigidity
They'll say they have their resistance
Theyll say they they found their security
Theyll say this all with insistence
Branches break off in the wind fall to the ground decay
Time was when they would find quiet degeneration
Time now they lie in wait and just quietly whisper